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PDCR organizes a variety of programs to support parents, foster parents, relative caregivers, school administrators, educators, childcare professionals, youth advocates, and social workers.  Learn more about Positive Discipline by exploring the diverse sectors where our approach is used.


We offer a variety of classes and support groups for families to develop a different way of viewing relationships, communication, children and themselves. 


We have materials and activities designed for use in the classrooms and whole school settings that support classroom management and bolster each student’s social-emotional learning, academic success, and personal growth.


Health Providers

Learn how Positive Discipline’s developmentally appropriate, brain-based, and trauma-informed techniques support positive physical and emotional health outcomes.  


Restorative Justice 

Our support for parents transitioning back into their lives, families, and communities during and following their incarceration helps them to restore positive relationships with their own parents, their children, and themselves.


Do You Have a Program Idea?

If you’d like to explore a new program idea for PDCR, please email us at or call 831-288-0088


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