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Health Providers

Authoritative parenting, family meetings, mealtimes, routines, and calming the brain when we experience the pressures of parenthood all have positive effects on health.  PD shifts parents away from the control (punishments and rewards) that damages parent-child relationships.  Instead, Positive Discipline guides families to instill in their children mutual accountability, self-regulation, and self-care skills.  This encourages and empowers children 

to make good choices for their own good reasons and leads to family members accomplishing their health goals together.

PDCR is collaborating with local community health organizations to provide team trainings focused on improving health outcomes for families.  Thanks to a grant from the Healthier Kids Foundation, PDCR and Pediatric Healthy Lifestyle Center designed a three-part series addressing the epidemic of obesity and diabetes.  Several other community health institutions along the Central Coast have approached PDCR to conduct staff trainings, including Salud Para La Gente, Stanford Hospital, and a host of private practices.


PD Research and the Clinical Setting

When we guide and teach children self-control, independence and respect for themselves and others, we help them to build a foundation for long-lasting healthy habits.  Take a look at these studies that examine how PD can improve long-term health outcomes:

Partner with Us!

Building healthy family relationships is a foundational piece of our work to promote overall physical and mental health.  We’re always looking for opportunities to expand our impact in this area.  If you’re interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you!  Email us at or call (831) 476-7284 x107.

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