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PDCR At A Glance

Who We Are

Positive Discipline Community Resources (PDCR) is a nonprofit, parent education organization serving Santa Cruz County, Monterey County, and other areas of the California Central Coast.

We provide, classes, tools, and resources
that help adults teach young people the social,

emotional, and life skills they need to build positive relationships and become respectful,


responsible members of their families and communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our community of families, schools, and service providers in learning how to have respectful relationships through the teaching and practice of Positive Discipline.

How We Do It

We offer classes, support groups, coaching, training resources, and other programs for families, schools, and community service providers.


Our work is based on the values of mutual respect, dignity, personal responsibility, interconnectivity, curiosity, and problem solving.

Our Vision

We envision relationships based on mutual respect and dignity leading to healthier, safer, and more just societies.


Our Values

These values guide our practices and approach:

  1. Teach and model mutual respect. Parents equally consider the needs of their children, their own needs, and the needs of situations;

  2. Encourage connection and contribution by increasing children’s sense of belonging, significance, and safety;

  3. Discipline is about teaching with respect instead of punishment.  Parents can be kind and firm at the same, and they can set and uphold limits in respectful ways.

  4. Invite ideas and help children learn long-term skills.  Doing things with instead of for or to children and teaching them how to think instead of what to think helps instill in children self-discipline, cooperation, responsibility, and critical thinking skills.

  5. Mistakes are viewed as valuable opportunities to learn.  Like their parents, children aren’t perfect, and when they make mistakes (as we all do), they can be accountable to themselves and others, explore solutions, and learn to make better choices.   

Our Culturally Responsive Approach

PDCR’s activities are tailored to the unique needs and cultures of children and their parents/caregivers.  Our PD parent educators bring together a diverse array of parents, educators, and community service providers to create customized resources for all the families we serve.

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