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"Positive Discipline helped teach me the tools to start the process of finding solutions to any situation on my own. There has been so much kindness and respect in my home since I have been back and it is just amazing how smoothly things run. Monday morning I decided to just slow life down. My son made his own cup of milk... then he even made us our coffee from start to finish. I could go on and on about all the small changes we have already made and how empowered he seems to feel. Thank you again for everything."

- Mom of two boys ages 3 and 10 months

“Déjame decirte que el entrenamiento me ha servido para reforzar los conceptos de Disciplina Positiva que he aprendido (antes tuve otro entrenamiento). Pero el tema es muy amplio y se necesita aprender más. Uso Disciplina Positiva en las clases que enseño a padres de varias escuelas. Una constante que hay en la educación a los hijos es la disciplina, y lo que los migrantes tenemos como herencia cultural es que el castigo es una forma para disciplinar. Por eso es importante el enseñar un concepto diferente, que haga sentir a nuestro hijos el amor que les tenemos y que sea una enseñanza para toda la vida, pues la forma de enseñar disciplina se transmite de generación en generación.”   


- Padre 


"I would recommend this class to all parents so that they could learn to understand more about having patience with their children as I have."  



"I would recommend it to all parents because our children need us, and it’s for the well-being of our youth for a better future. 



"Thank you for your words of wisdom. We're working on three months now and the change is amazing. We're still working out the bumps, but the kids have decided to do one meeting per week during our 30 minute Friday lesson. They have done a wonderful job of dealing with a huge race issue that has been brewing on our campus and have received wonderful compliments from administration for their willingness to work and find positive solutions. Also, as a result, the administration has agreed to finance a Peer Mentoring class. Thanks again." 

- Rachel Morris, elementary school teacher

"This approach used in classrooms and whole schools gives me hope. It is why so many teachers go into the profession in the first place!”

- Ellen Moir, Founder/CEO, New Teacher Center

“Positive Discipline Community Resources continues to have a lasting impact on our families and students in need of support. The tools in their toolbox such as teaching social skills and problem solving has truly made a difference in our schools and community.” 

- Michael Watkins, Santa Cruz County Superintendent 

"Knowing this sector of the population, I can see how early trauma in their lives, has affected so many of their decisions. Prevention should be high on our list, PDCR does this as well as providing tools for rebuilding relationships.”

- Sheriff Jim Hart, Santa Cruz County

“PDCR is committed to being actively engaged in our community to improve the outcomes for all families.  Positive Discipline helps change the ways we relate to one another in our homes, neighborhoods, and workplace.”

- John Leopold, Santa Cruz County Supervisor, 1st District

"Positive Discipline is about healthy relationships and that very often leads to healthy people and healthy communities.  And to me, the best kind of care is preventative where the physician can be a teacher as well as a healer."

- Dr. Jennifer Hastings, The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and/or Planned Parenthood

"The tools were presented in ways that were easy to understand and communicate."


"Thanks for the opportunity to share your experiences and listen to our worries.  

The materials and your experience made this training a success and changed our way of thinking." 

"All the experiences helped me.  You understand that you're not the only one with difficulties."


"These are excellent workshops for me to be a positive parent and to have better citizens."


"It motivated me to keep learning more and not give up when facing problems...these situations happen to us all." 

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