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What is Positive Discipline?


Positive Discipline teaches parents that loving, respectful, and trusting parent-child relationships are the foundation of discipline. Using both kindness and firmness at the same time and modeling respectful parenting, parents can guide children’s values, choices, beliefs, and behaviors. All our classes and resources are founded on well-established child developmental theories and trauma-informed research.  We make our programs easy to use and cultural responsive so that every family can

enjoy the benefits of Positive Discipline.

We Know You Love Your Children

That’s why you’re here!  Love is what brought you to Positive Discipline Community Resources, and the combination of love and effective discipline is what will carry you through the tough times that all parents experience.


The Basics of Positive Discipline

The word discipline means to teach, while the word punishment means to cause pain. Positive Discipline is teaching with respect instead of pain, threats, blame and shame.


The Positive Discipline approach is based several fundamental concepts.  We encourage parents to ask themselves the following questions in all interactions with their children:

  1. Is this mutually respectful? Mutual respect considers my needs, my children’s needs and the needs of the situation.  Effective parenting is kind and firm at the same time.

  2. Does this help my children experience belonging and significance?  This includes accepting your children as they are and giving them opportunities to make contributions.

  3. How will this impact the long-term relationship with my children?  Parenting tools must be in line with my parenting goals for my children.

  4. Does this teach my children good character?  Good character includes respect for self and others, critical thinking, problem-solving, contribution, cooperation and accountability.  Positive Discipline teaches social, emotional and life skills that focus on building good character.

  5. Does this help my children to discover their capabilities at this stage of their physical and emotional development?    


We want to help parents enjoy more ease and positive connection in their parenting over the long-term while helping their children to learn and thrive.


Ready to get started?

Whether you’re interested in taking a class, going to a play group, or just getting some good ideas from our parenting tip sheets, Positive Discipline has you covered!  Take a look at our upcoming and ongoing activities below:


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