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How to Talk to Kids about the Coronavirus 
(using Positive Discipline)

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Como Hablar con Jovenes Sobre el Coronavirus 
(usando Disciplina Positiva)

What is Positive Discipline? 
Positive Discipline Community Resources is a social change nonprofit that supports adults in creating healthy and thriving relationships with youth in homes, schools, and communities. Through the Positive Discipline approach, we teach a model of respectful communication and joint decision-making. Research shows that when adults have more of these skills and tools, and most importantly they MODEL these skills and tools, we see more successful outcomes with young people.


Submit your request for a workshop or class to come to YOUR school site/community center once COVID19 precautions and restrictions are lifted, feel free to proactively invite us for 2020-2021 opportunities, we will be eager to connect:  surveymonkey.com/r/wewantmorePDCR 

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Positive Discipline

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